Thursday, May 26, 2005

Consent, Killing, and Respect

This article from Catholic World News is about Robert Veatch (Georgetown University) and his visit to Seoul. The article quotes him as saying, "being an expert in medical science does not make one an expert in medical morality" which is, I think, pretty universally accepted as true by ethicists.

The article concludes: "Veatch suggested that in the field of bioethics, research should be barred if it is done without the subject's consent, if it kills a human being, or if it shows disrespect for human life." Fair enough, but what bioethics is for is figuring out when there is true consent, what constitutes a human being, and how to show "respect" for human life.

I'm sure he said a lot more, but the article makes it seem like his speech was about a lot of nothing.

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