Saturday, May 21, 2005

Those pictures of Saddam keep coming from London's The Sun.

This Reuter's article (sorry, don't know how long that link will remain current) courtesy of Yahoo, quotes The Sun's defense editor as saying, "The evil brute -- and his cruel henchmen -- deserve no one's sympathy for anything," and that he is "hardly entitled to a single human courtesy".

Now the first of those two statements, I think, are true. He was, I think, pretty universally known to be cruel. And despite my feelings about going to war on him as the president of Iraq, I don't feel sorry for him being removed. But the second statement is kind of outrageous to me, as a human being, and someone who wishes I could think of "the civilized world" as really very civilized. Because, you know what? We don't want our troops tortured, so we shouldn't torture, even when the other guys do. Similarly, we don't want humiliating pictures of our boys and girls in captivity (or being beheaded as it were), so we shouldn't accept humiliating pictures of the bad guy's leader, just because he is "the modern day Hitler," to quote another story I read this morning on the subject.

It's about principles. If we have principles, we ("The Western World" including the media of the UK and the USA) will uphold them. If we say we have principles and yet we violate them, well, then how can we blame our enemies for pointing out our hypocricy?!

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