Tuesday, June 07, 2005

B+ = Not an A

I got my grade for my final course today. B+. A little disappointing, frankly, though not unexpected. I wonder what kind of comments my paper will have on it upon its return via USPS.

In other news, ole Madge Ritchie is in town, and, as usual when this occurs, I plan to stalk try to photograph her. Through my intricate network of sources, I know that she is right now at the Time Warner Center reading her children's book. And I know later tonight she is attending a UNICEF function at Bergdorf's. Now the question is, what time is this Bergdorf's thing? Should I try to play paparazzi at Time Warner, her house, or Bergdorf's? I look so fabulous today they might mistake me for someone who's supposed to be there and hustle me in for a cocktail. (sarcasm)

Yes, I am like a child when it comes to Miss Thing. Don't worry, I'll keep my distance.

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