Monday, June 27, 2005

The Big Gay Spectacle

The Big Gay Spectacle, which is alwasy exactly that, went by the same routine, more or less. I started at 28th Street where I met my roomate and his boyfriend, then moved on to 14th and below with other friends. Nothing out of the ordinary. The expected Repent Now people with bullhorns caused a little stir. But other than that, it was a lot of fun. I wonder if Billy Graham planned his final Crusade to coincide with Gay Pride?

Sadly, I didn't take my camera (didn't want to keep up with it), but if you look at any number of pictures from any number of years past...well, the shit is pretty much the same.

From Tuesday to Sunday, I stayed at my friends J & T's apartment to look after their cats while they were out of town. One of them had just had some kind of kitty-radiation treatment, so it was important that I was there to scoop the radioactive turds out of the litter on a regular basis. The radioactive kitty is tiny, and so adorable, and the other cat is abnormally large, like a jungle animal. The big cat takes these crazy shaped shits that are larger than a human's would be. Seriously, I don't know how he manages to squeeze them out. It's unreal.

I enjoyed staying in Sunnyside, as it is a very nice neighborhood, and I always like a little break from being at my own apartment with my own drama that takes place there. It was a refuge of sorts to be alone for a good week in a big apartment with free reign. And digital cable...I don't usually spend much time in front of the television, but I allowed myself to indulge in the idiot box while I was there.

In other news, today is National HIV Testing Day.

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