Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The notes on my paper declare that my understanding of the science could be better and my paper more clear. This saddens me. I already have this self-confidence issue, and this is like a punch in the gut to the academic section of my brain and what confidence was there. Oh well, the truth hurts. Now it is time to get to thinking about the thesis because all else for the master's is said and done.

Yesterday after work I went to Bergdorf Goodman's to watch the Red Carpet. It was kind of a bad experience. I did see Madonna, to whom I have had an intense loyalty for the past 20 years. But I realized in that setting that people are uncivilized, monsterous things. If everyone would just calm down and be polite, we could all get our shot and exist in relative comfort. But nooo, people have to push and pull and basically dislocate other people who were there before them. Luckily I'm tall so I could see over most people, but having started in the front and slowly having my space invaded by GROWN PEOPLE with no class whatsoever relegated me to the back.

Pictures forthcoming.

On another note, I have this little website--nothing fancy, just some random little things I've done that are up there. It actually has gotten to the point where it gets a relatively lot of visits from people looking for particular things--usually I imagine for their schoolwork. It has a guestbook, my email address, my Yahoo ID--plenty of ways to contact me. I see people that visit pretty much stay on one topic but spend a relatively long time there. My question is, really, how is it that over the years that it's been there, I've had exactly two people (out of thousands) contact me? AND one of those was Big Shot Philosopher, the other was a nice woman asking me how to cite me as a source. The rest of those people...are they just cutting and pasting me into their assignments? I really wonder sometimes how many people find a ready made paper on a specific topic and just plagiarize my ass.

Speaking of Big Shot Philosopher, I emailed him recently, and once I get the topic approved from Big Shot Advisor, I will run it by Big Shot Philosopher. Just to keep him involved. I am giving him no other option than to be an additional advisor via the internet -- hey, he offered constructive criticism. :)

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