Sunday, June 12, 2005

Uptown Manhattan Through a Dirty Window

Today is Puerto Rican Day, which means the Puerto Rican Day Parade is happening. I am avoiding Manhattan at all costs. Just too many people and too much...noise.

Last night I went out and engaged in a little debauchery. It was a mission for indulgence and self-destruction. It was fabulous.

When I was coming home at about 4:30 in the morning, I made the rare decision to take the subway at that hour rather than a cab (financial concerns, natch). In the 59th Street station, an old man had strait fallen out in front of the bench. He had a shoe-shine stool thing, and he was trying to pull himself up by the bench.

This nice-looking man who I became enamored with was checking him out; peering at him, trying to see his face to see if he was ok. I took a different approach by asking: "You okay?" He said he was. The nice-looking man said, "He's just drunk." Clearly, he was wasted.

Anyway, these other two men came over and lifted him up onto the bench. I felt kind of bad that I had not taken that initiative after he had told me he was okay. But, que sera sera. At least he was on his way to sobriety in the end. :)

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