Monday, November 07, 2005

Alien abduction and other matters

Recently, a rapist posing as a firefighter has been a Top Story of the New York tabloids. Today, the New York Post featured an article entitled "Loser Lusts for Front Page". Of course, this is on the front page of the NY Post, which thereby actively satiates the rapist's lust.

In other news, Pink Is The New Blogger Trent has a New York Times article about him. That might be the ultimate mark of blog success.

In other news, when I bought the down comforter I didn't know the ghosts of the dead birds would take their revenge by making it painfully pokey. Seriously, some of the stems of those feathers poke through the fibers and pierce my flesh. I've bled. It's getting intolerable. I need a duvet cover.

Speaking of my flesh, I have this little round circle-thing hapening under my left pectoral/breast. It bothers me, though it is not painful or itchy. It is flat, perfectly round, a little smaller than a penny. It kind of looks like those scars people from the Old School got from their polio shots, though it is not deep like that. The only sense I can make of this thing's sudden appearance is that I was abducted by aliens, they did some tests, and marked me for future studies.

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