Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Anti-Democratic Activity In Queens.

So I just voted. And I was totally rushed by an impatient jackass of an old man who came in behind me. There was no one in there when I arrived, so I was a quick zip through after a brief explanation of why I'm on the roll twice. (Actually I don't know how that happened, but I told them to take one off and make sure no one impersonates me. Perhaps my evil twin is behind this, or the aliens.)

Anyway, there are four ammendments to vote on, so I'm reading them carefully before I give them the go. Jackass Oldman behind me, says something, and I'm like "Huh?" Then the little mildly retarded polling man (I don't say that to be mean, he really was mildly retarded)stops him from basically harassing me. So I continue reading. Then J. Oldman says, "How long does it take to push the buttons?" and I, being very frustrated by this affront to informed voting, announce, "I'M READING THE AMMENDMENTS." To which M. Retarded replies, "There are other people waiting, sir." Is it my fault they have ONE booth at PS 171? Is it my fault I was a few minutes earlier than J. Oldman and Random Girl?!

So I felt all rushed and I'm not sure I made the right decisions on the proposals to ammend the ammendments. Of course I should have been more knowledgeable about them before I got to the polls, but I'm busy, just like J. Oldman -- who was apparantly in a big fucking hurry to get the 99 cent store, where I saw him when all was said and done.

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