Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Kicked Ass

Sith Drag 11
Originally uploaded by butch stroll.
On Friday I told the Big Big Boss that I would like to take Monday off. She laughed and asked if I were planning on going to the parade. I said yes, an she said, "Of course you can have the day off."

I loved the attention that only an eight foot tall Darth Vader in black spandex and gold dangly things can attract. At first I was a little timid about, um, exposing myself as such on these here streets of Queens, but once I wisked past the neighbors--none of whom I ever see except when I am in a fucking cat suit of course--I got on the street and realized I shouldn't be scared--I'm scary. I was menacing. Getting downtown was full of gasps and oohs and ahs.

I was with my cousin Lito, the Starfleet Captain. People continously snapped pictures, shouted out to us, stopped us on the street, and in general celebrated the Sith.

Though I could only see the fuzzy blur of camera flashes through the tented eyes of the mask, I managed to hold my own and give a little runway or two down the streets as people parted like the red sea. Jaws were kind of dropped. Of course, my entire head was concealed under a two piece black plastic helmet, but I gave the body honey. Mama gave the body.

I have to say I worked it out with my costume, and sadly the batteries in my camera died so I only have photos from the night before courtesy of S.D.A. and my hallway. Please don't notice how dingy the walls look. We're gonna paint soon.

In other news I have gathered a variety of papers I've written over the years to insert directly into my thesis, which should have been started about three months ago. It will be a Frankenstein-like thesis, but it'll do. I'm going to start writing more this weekend. The temptation to just quit is almost overwhelming.

At work, I busted balls today. I'm running that place and I think they all secretly know it.


anne arkham said...

Go Stroll!

bitchphd said...

V. impressive!

anne arkham said...

It's nice that you're so tall. There's nothing worse than a 5'7" Darth Vader.