Monday, November 21, 2005

Quebec: The Butch Stroll of Canada

Canada is our nice, quiet neighbor to the north who keeps its lawn nice, but not too many of us are sure what's ever going on up there. The only time most Americans really became "informed" about Canadian politics was when they said they wouldn't blow up the middle east with us, and our boys in Washington were pissed.

Well, being a college educated young man (you didn't think just any jackass was writing this here blog, didja?), I know a thing or two about Canada. For one thing, a lot of people in the French-speaking province of Quebec have been wanting to bail for awhile, and become the independent State of Quebec. Quebec is the Butch Stroll of Canada. They don't speak the same language, they think of themselves as different than the rest of Canadians, and they wanna fucking secede, man. Whether or not they have the moral right to secede is another question altogether. Let me know if you have any questions, I took a class. ;)

Well, just the other day the Guardian reported that Quebec's separatists are counting on a politician who admits to snorting cocaine to win independence, writes Anne McIlroy , further solidifying their hardcore status. He is also openly gay, which was the article reports was "a non-issue" as it should be.

More interesting than the fact that the leader of Quebec's separatists is a coke-snorting homosexual, is the decades-old imagining of an independent Quebec.

Quebeckers are still torn about their future in Canada, but a strong majority believe the province will secede after a third referendum. A recent poll found that the sovereigntists would narrowly win a referendum if voters were asked the same convoluted question about forming a new partnership with Canada that was put to them in 1995; but if they were asked a straight question about independence, as federal law now requires, only about 40% would vote to secede.

In my opinion, this is never going to happen. Canada is a huge land mass, and no matter how different the "culture" of Quebec is, I don't see Canada ever willingly compromising the congruity of its land based on the vote of Quebeckers alone.

Before he can realistically contemplate being the first prime minister of an independent Quebec, however, Mr. Boisclair has a fractious party to unite and inevitable questions about his drug use to answer.

The expression on his face in this picture is not going to help. That is a smile that says "jacked up"...and there's something in the eyes, too...

[thanks to Brad for bringing Canada's Butch Stroll to my attention. Also please note that I am entirely kidding about being at all qualified to write about this, so you should probably trust other sources.]

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