Monday, November 28, 2005

Sick & Tired

On Sunday, I started feeling a little sickness coming on. I went to Rite Aid to buy medications for such at thing. I thought it was only Wal Marts in the sticks doing it, but apparantly you can't buy any of the good stuff strait off the rack anymore because somehow you can make crystal methamphetamines out of it. They keep it behind the counter of the pharmacy, and the pharmacy was closed at that hour. So what was I to do? I figured you can't go wrong with Dayquil and Nyquil. You have both halves of the day covered with those.

I took a shot of Rite Aid's knockoff of Dayquil this morning. (It really comes with a little plastic shot glass.) "Non-drowsy" is a big lie. I felt drunkish all day, and started telling people that I am loopy on Dayquil, but then started thinking they might start thinking that's just an excuse for what I'm really loopy on, so I just hid in my corner and tried to work through the increasingly blurry stacks of papers and to do lists.

Then my boss asked me if I wanted "one of these pills" that she poured out of the prescription bottle for me. Her husband apparantly gets them from the VA. They looked like green M&M's. I took one and she gave me two for the road, which I took on my way home. They pack a punch. Yay antihistimines!

I just took a shot of generic Nyquil but it's not kicking in.

It was also Christmas decorating day. I'm kind of glad I was on drugs for that.

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