Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Killing the Christmas Spirit for One Child at a Time

I support this wholeheartedly, even though there is a letter writing campaign by small children.

The NY Post, in typical NY Post fashion is outraged by the gory Santa display and quote about six hundred children who are terrified and disgusted by it. So of course, because it is such an outrage, they devote the entire front page to it to insure that everyone in New York City will see it.


Santa, by the way, is a fictional character about which many people the world over lie to their children. I know that it is all in the "spirit of fun", it is a tradition, it's something for the kids. But whatever you call it it is still a lie to tell your children for years that Santa Claus comes down the chimney with gifts on Christmas EVe.

One valuable lesson is to be learned from Santa, though. That lesson is, kids, that you can believe in something with all your heart for all your life and it might not be or ever have been true! That, and even your parents will lie to you (for their own amusement no less!). Merry Christmas indeed!


Very_Vera said...

I live in NYC and this one passed me by! Thanks for posting

bitchphd said...

Oh, bullcrap. Santa is an icon of Xmas, true, but he is an icon that is especially important to kids. Telling kids about Santa is not "lying," any more than writing fiction is "lying." It's reasonable to say, "ha ha, very funny in a kind of sophomoric way, but it's a bit crass to put it in public where you know kids will see it and possibly be upset."

Stroll said...

bitch, I'll agree that it could be a bit upsetting to young kids, but I think most kids would understand that it was an attention-grabber and shrug it off after a moment of fascination with it. Especially kids on the Lower East Side of Manhattan who've likely seen worse. That said, I will admit I'm being a little over the top in my defense of it...I'm not *really* advocating for one on every block.

And I agree that Santa is a true icon of Christmas and that he is special to kids. I remember loving the idea that Santa was coming and I don't think I'm psychologically damaged by finding out he's not real. But it's still a lie. It could be argued that the whole premise of Christmas is a lie, but there are lots of people that actually *believe* that when they directly tell their kids its the truth.

All that said, tonight I'm watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and he is redeemed at the end. I do love Christmas and I do love the joy it brings to children in particular. I'm just being a spoil-sport with this post. ;)

anne arkham said...

I think it depends on the age of the kid. A nine-year-old would get it. A four-year-old probably wouldn't.

bitchphd said...

Well, of course b/c PK is young and does believe in Santa, I'm huffing my mama feathers.

I don't think Santa is a lie, though, honestly. I think he's fiction. A metaphor of sorts (much like God herself). I think the reason kids aren't psychologically damaged when they find out he's not real is that they get the idea that stories are a different kind of truth, better than a lot of adults do....

Btw, yay you for not getting huffy about my snotty response. I, myself, am feeling very huffy these days.

Stroll said...

You can be snotty all you want! Your name *is* "bitch phd" after all. ;)