Friday, December 16, 2005

A nice post from a random on a Yahoo message board

that addresses the gory Santa display outside a Brooklyn home that has made the news:

Re: Mean Spirited...

Santa at one time was real in his country. The fable is continued through out the world because the magic of it all is innocence, an innocence that lives only in children. We as parents continue the traditions as our parents and grandparents did. Santa was around long before toys and retailers exploited it. I can recall as a little girl one Christmas that was a traditional farm Christmas that my father had as a child. Instead of candy of toys our stockings were filled with nuts and oranges with one or two peppermint sticks. It was that Christmas that I was taught the meaning of Christmas and the need to give and not expect to be given too. Since I have spent years working to share Christmas through out the year. Giving to those needier than I am. I struggle pay day to pay day, some months I can't pay my bills, but no matter what there is always someone worse off than me. Extra food, clothing, or toys that don't get played with. I make sure they go where they will be appreciated. Christmas needs to be recognized as something that lasts not as one day a year.I am not religous but I am spiritual and I have been touched by Christ and his work. I don't preach it but I do teach it to my child. She's only five and hasn't figured it out all the way, but she knows that she needs to give to others and be thankful for what she gets. I would be devastated if someone made her fear Santa. I would be angry.

I of course posted the link to my own mean spirited post. :|


bitchphd said...

Ok, do I get credit for not getting all literally holier-than-thou about it?

Stroll said...


Yes, you do, but you never lost credit in the first place.