Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Remember how when you were a little kid and the power would go out in a snowstorm and everyone would be all worried, but to you...it was kind of fun?

That is secretly how I feel about the transit strike.

My heart was kind of full and warm at all the people offering rides this morning--across the Triboro bridge, mind you, which does not have a four-passenger requirement.

I rode with co-workers who live close to my hood. I sense a lot of mixed feelings about the strike--many people are pissed, but they're not sure who to be pissed at. The TWU? The MTA? The Mayor? Pataki and his crazy ass? Who do we blame?

At any rate, New Yorkers really come together in a crisis--it is true. Even if we generally hate each other any time.

And to the seeming-rap-impressario in the passenger's side of the over-the-top obnoxious SUV continuously asking me if I need a ride downtown: I had already arrived to my destination, just heading into McDonald's for a McGriddle, but I love you for it nonetheless, baby.

Later, my thoughts on the strike and how it has come to pass. Stand by.

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