Monday, December 19, 2005

WHO Quits Smoking

Daily, when I return from sneaking a cigarette downstairs, I worry about reaking. I immediatley wash my hands and spray a spritz of Axe in the air of my cubicle. I know my boss hates smoking. I can't blame her--though I smoke, I wish I didn't, continuously plan to quit, and understand the disgust and avoidance of non-smokers. It *is* a nasty habit, and the single worst thing that one can actively do to his or her health. It is a difficult addiction to shake, however..

"The World Health Organization (WHO), the health branch of the United Nations, has announced that it will no longer hire smokers."

The article claims that

With the hanging of the "No Smokers Need Apply" sign on its door, WHO has joined a long line of bigots who would not hire people of color, members of religious minorities, or disabled or gay people because of who they are or what they lawfully do.

Um, it's not the same thing in my honest opinion.

Also from the article:

Under WHO's policy, if Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein and Adolf Hitler applied for a job, only Hitler, the sole nonsmoker in the group (and someone who would not allow anyone to smoke near him), would be eligible for consideration.

This is a fallacy of reasoning, a blatant one at that. There are plenty of dictators who have smoked, and plenty of wonderful leaders who have not. It's irrelevant that WHO's policy would keep it from hiring Einstein and allow it to hire Hitler.

While I think this is a wrong-headed idea, and that it should be no employer's business what its employees do in their free time, I understand the point they are trying to make. It would be kind of hypocritical for a high level executive to be sucking down a stogie while advising the public on their health.

And speaking of FDR, perhaps Betty Butterfield says it best: "There's nothing wrong with people smoking cigarettes; Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the damn war smoking cigarettes!"


anne arkham said...

I'm pretty sure the other stuff on Hitler's resume would prevent him from being hired.

bitchphd said...

Agreed with your analysis.

But I have to ask . . . AXE body spray? ::Shudder::

Stroll said...


The "phoenix" flavor smells good! As far as deoderants go. And it's faint enough to not clash with my Chanel Egoiste Platinum. ;)

anne arkham said...

I wasn't gonna say anything about the AXE, but I was thinking it. . .

Stroll said...

Have ya'll not seen the commercial? Axe makes you instantly BEAUTIFUL and IRRESISTABLE.