Thursday, January 19, 2006

Food Chain

Have ya heard about the snake that made friends with the feeder hamster yet? This is a relationship destined to end in tragedy.

Much like this picture, wherein the animals "will gladly kill each other once grown," there is tragedy on the horizon.

It all has a very "Fox and the Hound" feel to it if you ask me.

Remember the story of the scorpion who convinced the frog to let him ride on his back across the river, because if he stung the frog they'd both drown, so why would he do such a thing? In the end he does sting the frog to death, thereby drowning himself...because he couldn't help it. It's in his nature.


Margo of Mystery and Mayhem said...

I had never heard the story of the scorpian and the frog, I feel enriched!

Mona Buonanotte said...

Oh yeah, that hamster's as good as lunch. The next time that snake is late for a meal...buh-bye, Meal!

anne arkham said...

Oh, you're such a pessimist! Maybe they'll live happily ever after.