Friday, January 06, 2006

God's Will

Seriously, how is it that millions of Americans take Pat Robertson (and the like) seriously? Most recently, he's claiming that God has struck down Ariel Sharon for dividing God's land. Similarly, the tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and other bad things are claimed as acts of God by Pat.

There is an excellent article entitled "The Punishment Concept of Disease" (Kopelman, Loretta. 1988. "The Punishment Concept of Disease." In AIDS: Ethics and Public Policy, ed. Christine Pierce and Donald VanDeVeer. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 49-55). God shold make Pat Robertson read it. The idea that when bad things happen it is God punishing us goes back to before Christianity, before we were even fully fucking human-beings even.

Has Pat "Perfect Health" Robertson considered that maybe Ariel Sharon had a massive stroke because he is almost 80 years old, 300 pounds, and under intense stress from every person in his country and the world?

Also, has Pat considered that "the chosen people" he's so fond of don't even believe in Jesus?

You know, it will be really mean of me and against everything I stand for, but when Patty Robertson is stricken with a health problem I'm going to gloat.


anne arkham said...

Everybody dies. People who believe in the punishment concept never take into account the fact that everybody dies in the end.

Stroll said...


anaglyph said...

Yep, sooner or later. Sometimes too soon for good people, and sometimes far too late for bad people. Who can figure it?