Sunday, January 29, 2006

Human Beings Are Vile, Disgusting Creatures

In order to feel like I am not completely useless, I cleaned the bathroom today. As I scrubbed the tub, I realized that we are filthy people. Not me or my roommates specifically, but people, all of us. We are little walking factories of bacteria and piss and shit and blood and guts and disease and snot and general funk. This is evident on any Monday morning Subway ride, but it became clear to me in the place where I experience two of life's greatest pleasures: defecating and showering. I believe the fact that we are nasty is the focus of much of the poetry of the nineteenth century. When we die we are even nastier than ever. For the record I want to be cremated.

What does Tinky Winky have to do with this? You tell me.


anne arkham said...

We stink, too.

Amy Christina said...

It's odd isn't it, that we shit in the same room of the house that we clean our selves in.