Monday, January 16, 2006

Though I never really had much interest in JT Leroy, or even read any of his books, the news that "he" is making now is fascinating to me and has me digging.

Dennis Cooper says it's a scam. He's a good authority on the matter, but....there are plenty of people who say they have met JT Leroy, even spent extended periods of time with him (more than a handshake or a small talk moment in person). Someone explain this to me.

On an entirely unrelated note, in the vain of the Chronic-WHAT?-cles of Narnia from SNL, I give you someone's animation to the Incredibads' The Heist. Replaces the previous as funniest thing ever.

And on another unrelated note, this (not safe for work, depending on where you work I guess) truly frightens me despite my will's desire to see humor in it: Lady Goes Crazy on Trading Spouses. When she keeps screaming about how "dark sided" everything is, I can't help but wonder, doesn't she know that the "Dark Side" is from Star Wars, a decidedly occultish and unChristian movie? As someone in the comments section there puts it: "Dance certification: $5,000...New home for Ashley and April: $10,000...Gastric bypass surgery: $20,000...Realizing that your mother is completely batshit: Priceless." [via Helpy Chalk]

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anne arkham said...

That was just scary. Although I find myself strangely comforted knowing she took the money.