Friday, February 24, 2006

Coincidence? I think not.

There is this guy that I know from this shady place in which I'm known to make an appearance every now and then. He is from Brazil. A very nice looking man. He's employed there, if you could call working in such a scandalous shithole "employment".

But he's very sweet to me.

I know that it is a love meant to be (though it dare not speak it's name) because one time I was in the elevator with him and I could hear Marilyn Manson coming from his headphones. It was pleasing to know that he was not limited to that bass-head shit, or worse--raggaton or something like that. I need a man who, when push comes to shove, can rock in the traditional sense of the word.

We've always had our chit chat, but a few nights ago we had an extended conversation. We talked about Brazil, and Portuguese, and North Carolina, etc. Someone rough ass looking homeboy was in there in a similarly color-coordinated attire as myself, and he says to the guy that we are "twins". Then he says to me, "The good boy and the bad boy," referring to me as the good boy of course.

"Good boy?" I asked.

"You just look like such a good boy" he said.

"Oh honey," I replied, "I'm more likely the bad boy in this situation."

"You are wolf in sheeps clothing?" he said in his accent. "You know that expression?"

"Yes of course I know that expression," I said. "But I'm not a wolf in sheeps clothing, I'm just the sheep."

When it was time for me to make my departure, lest my carriage turn into a pumpkin, I said goodnight and stalled for a moment hoping for more to come from our exchange. He broke me down -- "You're the sheep, remember?"

Well, tonight I went to the gym and who the hell do I see as I'm getting ready to leave, all sweaty and nasty?

Suddenly, I'm about so much more than the elliptical machine at ye olde gymnasium.


Here's something to do: watch figure skating to your own choice of music. In the gym tonight, I was watching the figure skaters (suddenly they are called "ice dancers"? What's this about?) with Celebrity Skin blaring in my ears. You'd be surprised how well it fit. This world is a whore, she sings, and right into the triple axle. Awesome.

If I were an "ice dancer", I would totally use old school Ike & Tina tracks for my performance. The dude that performed to "My Way"? Lame.

I wanted to go out on The Butch Stroll tonight, but alas, no one wants to go with me? (Not that I don't go out alone, but tonight I crave a posse or at least a companion.) So I ordered a late night snack and plan to go to bed early. There is so much to do tomorrow, and the time burns away quick. Quicker than the calories.


anne arkham said...

I'm gonna be an Ice Pole Dancer.

Stroll said...

OMG, I think you may be onto a whole new genre, Anne...

S.D. Hollaback said...

I accepted a long time ago that there are no coincidences.