Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Grammy's & Project Runway

I watched Our Lady Madge Ritchie, aka Madonna, open the Grammy's--she was hot but I wish it wouldn't have just been a re-do of the video.

I played the usual game of "Where's Blurty Thompson" and she was spotted on stage at one point seeming very excited to be there.

After the Mary J. Blige with U2 performance scarred me for life, I promptly turned to Project Runway. Heidi Klum is hilarious to me, and I love Tim Gunn. Nick is out, Chloe won. I've been saying Daniel V. is going to win but I don't know...Chloe could close in, and I think Kara might have some surprises. There is no way they're going to let Santino's arrogant glued-together sleeve-falling-off ass take the grand prize.


Dan said...

Well, in fairness, Santino did design the outfit he was wearing. That "madras pant" that Nina Garcia "just loved!!" was his idea. He should get some props for that. Kara's been dead wood the last few episodes. I think the good ideas haven't been hers and she deserved to get axed for falling apart during that

Dan said...

duo episode when Zulema pulled her but out of the fire. (sorry for the break there)

Stroll said...

Yeah, Zulema did save her and I think Zulema was cut way too soon. She had some more tricks up her sleeve, definately. I'll agree that Kara is the weakest and that Santino basically designed his own outfit. That said, I didn't even think the outfit was that impressive--to me, it looked like something he would always wear. I think the judges were just baffled by how nice he looked with a shave and a haircut, and they let that influence them. ;) The explanation for cuts and what not is all in the disclaimer that flies by at the end: the producers of the show have some say. Kara makes for good television for the very reason that she's just squeaking by.