Friday, February 03, 2006

It's Fashion Week

which means that

Each day, 15,000 people come to see and be seen. They flow through the space, as do millions of dollars of jewelry, clothing and furs -- creating both security and diplomatic challenges for Mr. Yorio. There are movie stars to protect, pushy guests to resist, eccentric designers to manage and giant egos to massage. []

What they don't know is that Blurty Thompson will get in, even if it comes down to scaling fences or digging underground tunnels with her bare hands. The bitch will not give up on fashun. And when she does get in she is headed strait to Dior, or maybe 5-7-9.

The Golden Globes thought they could stop her, too. They were so wrong. What was edited out for TV was when she broke a bottle and tried to cut Felicity Huffman, who, it is rumored, stole the part of Bree in Transamerica right out from under Blurty's nose.


Anonymous said...

that is no rumor....Blurty did go after Ms. Huffman with a make-shift knife...and threatened to really show her how it feels to have a sex change...what? and Blurty also went after the Hilton sisters....apparently Paris was wearing a dress stole right from the closet rack of Ms. Mama P. Watson....DRAMA....

Shontella Mccallum said...

Well,I know Dat's Right!

You prolly already heard dat I was invited to walk in da DRESS BARN FALL SHOWING, but I had to turn dem down cause Shontella Mccallum don't wear off da rack honey!

I read up in da STAR MAGAZINE dat da tru reason dat fight happen between Blurty and Puris Hilton was because Puris was all jealous dat Blurty Thompson skinnier dan her!

You know she get all ill ass when she think somebody vomick more dan she do!