Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Philosophy of Religion in Nigeria

Yes, I am obsessed with the "Cartoon Jihad" and related violence happening all over the world. I think it is one news story out there that should not be underestimated in terms of importance. I believe that we are slowly becoming involved in World War Three, and the eruptions over the cartoons is but a piece of it.

In response to the outbreak of violence and murder over those damn cartoons, Christians in Nigeria have now taken to violence themselves. Word is that religious violence has been widespread in Nigeria since 2000, but now there is a whole new cycle beginning.

I in no way endorse this violence. It is tempting to say, "Well they started it" in regards to the Muslims, but going back years and years, and throughout history, no one can be sure who started what. I'm pretty certain it wasn't Jesus Christ, though, who advised that we turn the other cheek.

Do people not realize that if there is a God Almighty, he can settle these disputes himself with ease? Wouldn't God be able to do his own smiting?


bitchphd said...

Silly boy, don't you realize that we ourselves are the instruments through which God smites us? The rioting is all part of his divine plan.

anne arkham said...

What about the tsunami and the hurricanes? Maybe those were pre-emptive smites?

Stroll said...

My point EXACTLY! God is already "cleaning up", why would He need any help? It's INSULTING to Him!