Wednesday, February 01, 2006


My boss is travelling to Zimbabwe at the end of May which has entangled me in a seemingly endless web of visa requests, flight plans, and hotel research. For one thing the only decent hotel in the entire country is booked. For another, flights are notoriously cancelled or rescheduled.

I have been concerned about her travel there, as war is known to just "erupt" at any given moment, and there is 80% unemployment which means there are a lot of people who might kill you for the change in your pocket. That, and the government has been known to kill a few people here and there itself.

So not only did the President mention Zimbabwe in his State of the Union speech last night, but Parade Magazine featured Zimbabwe's President Mugabe as it's #4 worst dictator in the world. Now you know you're bad when Parade condemns you.

Developing -- more on this later.


Shontella Mccallum said...

Zimbabwe? I guess Jesus really do get around! I hope dat girl got an emergency rescue helicopter jus' in case! I hate for me and Blurty T. to have to go Special OPS on they asses!

anne arkham said...

I'd go, but I'm stupid that way.