Friday, November 10, 2006

Frat Boys Sue Borat

Following the news that Pam Anderson was in on the joke, which seemed obvious given that no crazy-looking mutha like Borat would be allowed to get near her at a book signing especially given she likely has thousands of stalkers, the frat boys from the Borat film are suing, claiming they were drunk when they signed their releases and didn't know what was really going on. This brings us back to Murky's Thoughts on why Borat may be bad. It's funny though, because I saw the frat boy scene and the frat boys as the most seemingly informed. They seemed like they were acting, even if they were drunk. They also seemed like jackasses, but don't all frat boys? I know, I know...unfair.

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belledame222 said...

perfect. the biggest jerks in the film are complaining 'cause they look bad. um, whatever did or didn't happen, i don't suppose someone -made- you say all that xenophobic, misogynistic crap, did they? Next.