Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bah, Humbug

I am so over Christmas and have been since late October when the madness begins in this day and age. I would boycott present-buying altogether, but I have no choice but to participate in fourth quarter retail salvation because if I don't get anything for the immediate family, my grandmother, and my little 3 year old cousin, I will be accused of Satanism when I go home. Even the going home is kind of mandatory. Can't we just enjoy the Reason for the Season? That being, time off of work and The Sound of Music on network television?

I encourage everyone to boycott Christmas gifts! The War on Christmas starts there. Take up arms with me, ye merry gentlemen (and gentlewomen, and gentle-gender-fluids).

That said, if you MUST purchase a gift because of your years of indoctrination into the consumer culture, you can get me an upgrade on my Flickr account (screen name "butch stroll"), or purchase from ye olde Amazon Wishlist.

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