Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bed Bug Diva Sues

A star of the New York City Opera is suing the Hilton Hotel chain.

Alison Trainer, of Manhattan, suffered more than 150 bedbug bites during her itchy stay at the Hilton Suites in Phoenix this past November, according to the lawsuit. At least a dozen of the bites are on her face, said her lawyer, Kenneth Glassman.

Trainer is so traumatized, she can no longer bear sleeping in a bed - and sleeps on the floor instead, her suit claims. She's continued to perform, but otherwise can't bear to be seen, the lawyer said.

"She looks like a piece of wood that was attacked by termites," Glassman said.

Honey, might as well stay in the bed -- they'll bite your ass on the hardwood too.

I hope Paris does a nightly check of her sheets. (Seriously though, she doesn't stay in Hiltons. Let's be serious.)

Forthcoming: my comparison of Marriots versus Hiltons from business travel experinces. BTW I can report that the Oak Lawn Illinois Hilton is clear of bb's. The D-Lux Motel across the street, not so sure.

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