Saturday, January 27, 2007

I lost my cell phone last night

in a cab, after hours of drinking. I went out with a co-worker from another department after we've discovered that we are sinners among the would-be-saints.

Anyway, I called my phone this morning, someone answered, and I was all like, "CAN I HAVE MY PHONE BACK PLEASE?!" And the woman who answered was like, "Of course you can have your phone back, I'm the one who CALLED YOUR MOTHER TO TELL HER YOU LOST IT."

It's a miracle a decent human being found it. She probably freaked my mom out though.

In other news, my roommates, their dog, and the cat have vacated the premises. It's just me here now.

And on February 14th, come see me at

You can find all the details at the WYSIWYG website, and advance tickets can be purchased here. They say it's sure to sell out, so don't you be a sellout and buy your ticket early! I am nervous already so do come support.


Jackie said...

It's good you found your phone. I'm here to tell ya that there are at least two decent human beings around because I lost mine in a parking lot and a guy called my neighbor, she called me...I got it back. Yayyyyy!! for the decent folks!

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