Tuesday, January 09, 2007

ialmrnt5 display driver

Is anyone out there having the ialmrnt5 display driver issue with World of Warcraft? It's frustrating, huh? I was reading the thread on the WoW site [this thread is now closed; follow the link on the final page of the thread to the new thread about the issue, which will lead you to the link I have posted below] and it seems no one really knows what's wrong, other than that it has something to do with the latest patch from Blizzard. I did see some other sites where people have had this problem with other games, Sims 2 among others. Please advise? If I get a new graphics card, does that just..fix it?

It's a feeling not unlike drug withdrawal (I imagine).

UPDATE: I seem to have corrected the problem by following the instructions in post #5 here. However, the game seems a little laggy and wierd. I have registered my disappointment with Blizzard Entertainment over having to downgrade something on my computer in order to play their game, which was working fine until their most recent patch, which screwed it all up for me and countless others. Mind you, we are paying subscribers to this game. Irritating.

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