Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Desperate Women

Upon the death of Anna Nicole Smith, my friends and I asked the same question: Where’s Kimmy, her personal assistant and reality show fixture, in all this? Well Dlisted has a post up about her website and suffice it to say she is no fan of Howard K. Stern. On that site she has some bullet points about why he is evil, and poses some questions as to his true intentions and honest motivations for a life with Anna before and after Daniel’s death and Anna's own. Very interesting. She also sends a message to Stern that she will “show up when you least expect me” and that she has “my own tapes”. Hopefully Kimmy will assist in getting to the bottom of this whole mess without claiming to be the father of the baby. Time will tell. GO KIMMY.

In related Anna Nicole news, the judge in this case is clearly a nutjob and really horned up for all the face time he’s getting in the news coverage. He supposedly has had a long dream of becoming a television courtroom personality like Judges Wapner and Judy. It’s really nice that he has such credibility and an honest concern for justice.

In unrelated news, that Britney Spears is (back in) rehab. I am rooting for her, as I am possibly the last person alive who believes she can have a “comeback” in the A-list sense rather than the “Surreal Life” sense, but man is she making it hard to keep on believing. The head shaving and tattooing was clearly some kind of cry for help, but to whom she was crying or for what kind of help I have no idea. It kills me how everyone’s going into rehab these days. You suck a little cock like Ted Haggard – go to rehab. You scream the N-word repeatedly like holmes from Seinfeld – you go to rehab. You marry a golddigging loser who was already in a relationship with seven hundred kids, have two kids of your own with him, separate from him, give a few glimpses of your vagina, shave your head – you go to rehab. As for the coochie flashing, I mean that’s just par for the course. Give her a break. I flash my cooter all the time. Though she’s not making a terrific case for being mother of the year, I’m certain she’ll get to keep the kids. And please continue to mark my words…she will return to the world of the living and have another hit or two.

More later.

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