Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Disappointment Register, Volume 2

I am disappointed in this building for be stingy with the heat, but I am INFURIORATED by the now frequent lack of hot water. I would start calling 311, but I have learned it's futile. And I have too many other wars to wage, so I have surrendered this battle...for now. I have a plan for vengeance though...

I am disappointed that Yahoo Messenger is INSISTING, every time I log on, that I upgrade, with no way to permanently decline. I have learned in the past that the upgrades are unnoticeable except that they install all this crap on your computer like toolbars and other shit I don't want on here. I WILL CONTINUE TO REFUSE!

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K. said...

If you install a firewall like Kerio, you can prevent the autoupdate program from running - I have it set to not let certain programs run for just this reason.