Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Epedemic Infestations

A coworker of mine who shall remain nameless reports that she has bedbugs! "Only on the couch" which they promptly threw away. She has all these home remedies that people have to told her to use to make sure none have survived and migrate to the beds. Shoose, all I know is you better break out some CHEMICALS. They are getting closer...closing in on me...good lord, I can barely handle the thought. I need my floor cracks cauked up ASAP. This has prompted me to write a new letter to the landlord regarding the repairs needed. Which are still not done. The struggle is endless, but I'll be damned if some bedbug is going to crawl up from another apartment through the cracks in the floor. Heinous.

In other infestation news, mice are one thing but strait up rats have taken over a Village KFC-Taco Bell, the thought of which makes me want to vomit my morning slice of banana bread. For years now, New York City has had a well-documented rodent problem. So that the health department missed this rodent-run-free environment during its inspection makes me lose all faith in these "services" that the mayor insists we "get more of" and for which we therefore pay higher taxes. Additionally, the UN apparantly has all kinds of infestations including rats and fucking eels. Seriously, can we get a Task Force on Infestations or something? I can't live with these thoughts.

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