Friday, February 23, 2007

I skipped work yesterday

after a typical night of heavy drinking, boy chasing, and fool-making of myself. Good time, incredible guilt. I am a not-famous, not-rich Britney Spears. We even have kind of the same haircut now. In the immortal words of Noxema Jackson, "Loretta, you betta check yoself. Before you wreck yoself." Substitute "Stroll" for "Loretta".

Word on the street is that boss lady was irritated. Especially since I arrived around 1:00 on Tuesday. She wasn't even in the office though. And it's not like she's never had a bad week. Lord knows with the hot flashes and everything.

I've been in a phase. It's lifting, slowly. I wonder if the Promise Center has scholarships. Because I am earning one baby.

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