Friday, February 23, 2007

Is Suze Orman a lesbian?

Not an outing but a "say what?"

Suze Orman has revealed that she has never done a "pole dance", so to speak. In other words she's a 55 year old virgin. This doesn't necessarily make her a lesbian, but I would love it if she were. Because I love lesbians and I LOVE SUZE ORMAN. I really do like the lady. I don't pronounce her name right though, I go more phonetic with it ("Sooz").

[via Gawker]


K. said...

Supposedly she is and her partner's name is Kathy something or other. Of course, that was coming from Perez who got it from... I forget where.

She was talking about how they are both millionaires and how sad she is that Kathy will only get half of her (Suze's) money due to estate taxes.

I love Suze.

Is this really a surprise though?

Stroll said...

Oh you know I see that on there now about Kathy, which I was kind of misreading the article. Anyway, no, it's no surprise at all. lol

Junk Thief said...

Well, according to a guy I dated 3-4 times and lived across the canyon from her and the supposed partner in the Oakland Hills, she is. I was supposed to go to a dinner where they would both be, but the relationship with the neighbor I was dating went South.