Friday, February 23, 2007

On Outing

"Outing"--that is, exposing someone's gayness to the world at large--is not a practice that I believe in and in fact think is a pretty horrible thing to do. Someone like Ted Haggard, who vehemently condemned homosexuality, of course deserved to have his own homosex exposed. But in terms of other famous (or not famous for that matter) people who are not attacking the gays, and who are not misleading women they are married to, their business is their business and even if it would be a good thing for all of us if they came out, it's nobodies place to make them come out. Even in our gay enclaves like NYC and LA there are still repurcussions to being a known queer. I remember being in the closet and how hurtful it was that I was kind of forced out at a young, vulnerable age. And I know plenty of men on the "down low" who have their reasons for not coming out. Everyone's in a different place and has a different ability to handle matters such as being an out gay person in a world full of damp closets.

That said, I'm going to "out" someone but only because I'm yelling it into the canyon of the internet and I've probably told the four of you who read this my thoughts already. My gaydar is keen. I can "clock" a "punk" a mile away. So as the presidential campaign begins, and controversy is starting up, I just want to go on record as having said this before it comes out from somewhere else, and also because his blogger "scandal" has knocked him down a notch and he's no competition for Hillary or Barak anyway. I'm not one hundred percent certain but here it is:

John Edwards is gay, honey. Light in the loafers. Sugar in the tank. Queer as a three dollar bill. Married-to-a-fat-girl gay.

Can a woman win the presidency? I think so. Can a black man? I think so too. A gay man? Most certainly not, though that won't be why Edwards loses of course. He's just not going to. Rudy Guilliani has several drag moments that are making the rounds which may hold his crazy ass back too.

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