Monday, February 26, 2007

Who Knew?!

I'm feeling a little better about...things, so here's a few words of wisdom from Sandy for your asses:

Have a little trust, faith, joi de vive
Tears were falling by then, was he talking to me?
Am I s'pposed to feel like dancing in the Paris rain?
Cast aside all the love I felt, hurt everyone, accept no blame?
Do I have the strength to make it on my own?
Because in the end we all go home alone.


You try to rock my world, and shock my world and knock my world in two!
But I've got my pride, I'm out the door, I think that that's what I should do.
I will see you somewhere in outerspace! I got to find my own place
I will see you on Jupiter, I will see you on Mars, I'm out of here baby
I am going so far...