Thursday, February 15, 2007

Something so right has got no chance to live...

The WYSIWYG Talent Show went off without a hitch. I had so much fun and am so glad I did it, nervous terror be damned. Everyone was so funny and the audience was really warm and welcoming. I have reached a new milestone in my desperate search for approval. And I love Chris.

Here is a transcript of what I read.

The people who are most dear to me in this life came out, and I have to thank them for their support, because they know that I have my issues, including anxiety and fear of public speaking. S.D., Kevondrala, Jo Jo K, Jen Boogie & Trevenator, K to the R.O.C., and Terrentulia, THANK YOU for reppin The Butch Stroll.

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Chris said...

Aww, I love you too puddin'! I hope that bitch Jay Jay gets all the karma that's coming to him. All your nervousness notwithstanding, you *owned* that stage. I'm so glad you were part of the show!