Thursday, February 08, 2007

Whenever I see WYSIWYG the song "What You Get is What You See" plays in my head.

Word on the street is that WYSIWYG on Valentines Day (heretofor referred to as "VD") is almost sold out. Buy your tickets's now or never. ;)

Also, there is an article in the "Pulse" section of the NY Post about bad sex and WYSIWYG. I'm quoted and I'm sure you can figure out who is me. Especially if I tell you my first name is Chad.

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Chris said...

There's an old Oingo Boingo song called "What You See" that I often think of in connection to the show:

Don't forget the golden rule
What you see is what you get
What the hell did you expect
Pretty red roses, wet puppy noses
Men with rubber hoses is more like it

Okay, maybe yours is less creepy.