Tuesday, March 13, 2007

$43,000.00 and Still Ugly

Speaking of money, the only-24-that-exist Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag designed by into-rehab Mark Jacobs, will cost about $43,000.00 US, but in case you wanted to spend that many coins your out of luck. They're already sold out.

Fashion experts say women are increasingly using handbags as a 'lifestyle statement' to impress their material wealth and status upon their peers. "Once upon a time handbags were merely something you carried your keys and lipstick in," says Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman. "But not any more, handbags are often the lynchpin of your look...Their size and presence convey both money and status."

Which is why people are buying the $50 knock offs. Too bad the NY Post today quotes sources as saying a knock off would be impossible...honey, a knock off is never impossible. There are some industrious fraudsters out there!

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