Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ann Coulter's Act

Regarding Ann Coulter's calling John Edwards a "faggot", a post at Unfogged makes an astute observation: that "Coulter's shtick is basically stand-up comedy, but she somehow gets introduced as a real political analyst."

Before I say more let me say that Ann Coulter is a mean person, not half as smart as she or her fans think she is, and is filled with anger and hatred towards "the left". I don't like the bitch.

In reports on the matter people are all up in arms about the word she used, rather than the fact that it's an both an accusation and the implication that being a "faggot" is a bad thing.

But her comments, though wildly inappropriate to say the least, did in fact make a point about something that I've commented on recently. When you fuck up and reveal your true self to the public through uncontrollable behavior (Ted Haggard sucking a little dick and snorting crystal meth, Michael Richards repeatedly dropping the N-bomb, Britney Spears shaving her head and attacking paparazzi with an umbrella) you just go to rehab these days. Because, after all, using drugs and alcohol is the only reason anyone behaves badly. Banish the thought that it might be because they just suck.

Ann Coulter of course won't be going into rehab.


bitchphd said...

Oh, c'mon. It's not fair to compare poor li'l Britney to Ann Coulter.

Stroll said...

Oh, I'm not comparing them...just saying Britney is a case in point of "going to rehab" for being crazy. I have no idea that sports star's name (or sport for that matter) that recently had a spew, or I would've used him instead of Britney. Britney doesn't really fit with the others...because I love her crazy ass. ;)