Wednesday, March 21, 2007

WXII Anchor Charged with DWI

My mom told me that Tolly Carr, a co-anchor for the news on WXII of my hometown Winston-Salem, NC, was charged with DWI after running over and killing a man one early morning last week. She was surprisingly shook up by this. I think she had a connection to him from town (she works at a place where you eventually see everyone) and from TV. He was well-liked, known to be very friendly. It's tragic for him and the WXII family, of course, but it's no doubt devestating to the dead young man's family.

This YouTube site has a number of videos from WXII that cover the story.

My thoughts on drunk driving, which I have shared with my brother numerous times, are this. If you hurt yourself due to drunk driving that will suck, and if you kill yourself drunk driving then you won't be around to worry about it. But if you hurt or kill someone else that is something that you will have to live with for the rest of your life and the concious of any moral human being will weigh heavy with that more than any self-inflicted damage. I'm sure that Tolly Carr is a decent human being, made an error in judgement by driving himself and his passenger after drinking too much, and is suffering for this as he will for the rest of his life. I also feel sympathy for the family of the deceased. I'm sure the unexpectedness and needlessness of his death makes it even more hard for them to cope.

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