Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I used to say I want my ashes scattered on a beach somewhere, but now I think I want them to be snorted.

You've probably read that Keith Richards said he snorted his father's ashes mixed with cocaine.

The funniest thing from the interview, is Keith's recollection of the time someone put strychnine in his heroin. He says he'd never do dope again because "it's fucking painful, man". I imagine this has little to do with the strychnine incident.

Or maybe this is my favorite:

"I've never had my hair cut by anybody, I do it all myself. I've never let anybody touch it. My mum used to give me two shillings and sixpence every two weeks to get my hair cut, and I would just ignore the barber and chop it off myself and keep the fucking money. Spent it on cigs. And a bit of booze, probably, and I'd try and impress a bird here or there, too."

The dude was smoking and boozing when his mom was still paying for his haircuts. Sweet.

Also, I love that there's an ad for "Cigarest" on the webpage.

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