Friday, April 27, 2007

I'll get to my saga in Connecticut later.

But now, I want to write about the Democratic debate last night and poor Dennis Kucinich. Basically, I like the little guy though he'll never be the Democratic candidate much less president. "Long shot" is more than an understatement.

At one point last night, Mike Gravel of Alaska stated that he is the "senior statesman" on the panel and that he was starting to feel like a "potted plant" because of all the time the "top tier" participants seemed to be getting, and it did seem like Hillary, Obama, and Edwards got more questions than the others, except maybe Biden. I kind of liked Mike Gravel too -- clearly not a polished up and memorized-answer type of debater, which in my opinion is a good thing. He, too, doesn't have a winter's chance in hell of being the candidate, but he still did well.

What kills me about Hilary, who I happen to like, is her use of the rhetoric that "now they have to run with what we've given them" in regards to Iraq. This is a common train of thought in the war debate, and I think it's wrongheaded and insulting to the Iraqis. It implies that Iraq is up shit creek without a paddle because they won't "step up to the plate", as if the invasion and occupation and ongoing sectarian civil war have left a situation that is easy to just reign in, if only they had the will! Newsflash: WE can't reign it in either. And WE are the reason the whole mess started in the first place.

More later.

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annfrankenbaum said...

Uh, feel BAD for Kucinich? Did you SEE his hottie 28 year old wife? There is no reason to feel sorry for that man. Also: crazy old Alaskan is now my favorite non-candidate. Bin Laden is "rolling in his blankets?!" PRICELESS. And for real though, if my memory serves me right, he was one of like, 2 people who straight-up never voted for the war or giving money to support the war from the very beginning. Go Alaska.