Saturday, April 07, 2007

Not Like That

Last night at Mr. Black I met this cute little Filipino guy who looked like he was about 14 years old but he assured me he was 25. Anyway, he was so overly intoxicated on whisky that by the end of the night I was escorting him to the coat check and the bathroom, where he promptly vomited. Thank God he got a stall, because that wouldn't have worked so well in a urinal. Anyway, he was sweet and cute enough, but just I just wasn't feeling it like that, though I did offer to bring him out here to the compound because I was a little concerned about him getting home that hammered. At any rate, I was ready to go before he could muster the will to stand up so I left his ass there. Unlike all the men that my heart has longed for in the past who have been given my number and have not called, this take-it-or-leave-it youngin' has called me no less than three times today. And text messaged as the cherry on top.

Yesterday when Lito was moving, the Verizon man came to set up my DSL connection. We exchanged knowing looks as he sweetly took care of the necessary procedures, because we had strait up had sex a few years ago. It was understood that we would not acknowledge this. He offered to help me move some furniture into the office, while I though to myself, let's just handle the business at hand and get you on your way. What would life be without these uncomfortable moments...? He so totally wants another piece though, I could just tell.

In other news, we are well into Spring and there have been snow flurries and freezing temperatures. What kind of world is this?

I have done absolutely nothing today and I'm fine with that.

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Joey Polanski said...

Too easy.

EVRY guy wants anothr piece.

Especialy aftr movin furniture.