Friday, April 13, 2007

Office Mail

As I have said numerous times, I work for a large religious organization that I affectionately call The World Church of Assimilation. Given the nature of this place, sometimes the intersection of the popular culture with the offices of a mainstream Protestant religious group in New York City can get pretty funny. For example, a while back I somehow got on some mailing list by having Columbia House CD’s delivered here, and was getting frequent solicitations for me to subscribe to Playboy in my inbox, with unobstructed images of playmates. This is funny on a number of levels, including the fact that all of my co-workers could see these mailings just sitting there, this is a church, and I am a flaming homosexual who wouldn’t begin to know what to do with Playboy.

Anyway, my boss – who is in her late 50’s – has been getting Complex magazine – a “Marc Ecko Production” for a while now. When I sort through the mail I put them in her little “catalogs and magazines” folder and throw it in the inbox, as I don’t really care why she’s receiving a magazine that routinely has a woman in a bikini on its cover and fascinating articles on such topics as “Addicted to sneakers?” and “Kanye’s Beatdowns are Back!” My guess is, of course, that this is similar to the reasons I get Playboy solicitations – being sold out to a mailing list. (The woman receives an insane amount of catalogs and magazines.)

Today she came out of her office, handed me the magazine, and said, “Do you have any interest in this?” I said, “Sure, I’ll read it,” but it was all I could do to keep from laughing because of the half-naked woman on the cover. She tried to explain why she has it, and I think she’s realized after the first few issues came that it’s not some fluke and she actually has a subscription to this men’s softcore magazine.

I find this endlessly funny. However, I have to say the “Fifth Anniversary Sneaker Special” feature is pretty absorbing.


Mariamariacuchita said...

Nice blog...ah, many churches in the south would never hire a gay or lesbian in th firs place, usually only their first cousin wives get those jobs.

Stroll said...

Thanks, and oh yeah, I's not a church per se but a Church related organization. They're pretty okay with hiring the gays although the Church as a whole is not exactly gay-friendly. And while it's frankly obvious I do keep it on the down low as much as possible. The congregations are all over the world and the area in which the local churches are is reflected in the views of the members there if that makes sense. Like, a church in this denomination in North Carolina would likely be very different from a church in the same denomination in NYC.