Friday, April 06, 2007

Ralph Peters and His Crazy Ass

In the Post the other day, columnist Ralph Peters went off the deep end calling the British sailors who were hostages of Iran "shameful" and basically pussies for not fighting and surrendering to Iran. Of course he does not consider ANYTHING they obviously did, like the fact that they were massively outnumbered and a fight would not only have been deadly for them but also strategically bad for Britain (and America for that matter). Furthermore, their faux admission to straying into Iranian waters, which Peters sees as wimpy, is, in my eyes, an easy trade off to keep from being tortured, given that the world would know they were obviously being coerced to say such things. So, Ralph Peters, while I appreciate your years of military service in the past, I implore you to STFU. As Tony Blair said of the sailors, "they were a credit to [Britain]".

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