Friday, April 06, 2007

Soul Mother

I'm waiting on S.D. to head out for a little wiling.


I get the alumni magazine from alma mater in the mail sometimes, and in the recent issue there are pictures from a soccer game illustrating shirtless people wearing Roman-style feathered helmets and painted in blue with gold letters on their chests that spell out S-P-A-R-T-A-N-S. And I think to myself this is not the university I attended for four years.

The nature of my university was medium-sized public arts and sciences school with no real fame outside its literary magazine. That is why I, as far as school goes, loved it. The foundational concerns of that university were things like “if and when the Philosophy Department will get a PhD program”, not “how many paying fuckers can we pack into a stadium on a Friday night for the soccer game.” The little article attached to the picture says something about the “fucking totally super-awesome school spirit” at UNCG,” which has either been fabricated or developed since I was there, because we didn’t have school spirit. Not in that sense at least. Not in the crazed-sports-fans sense! It didn’t want to be the Tarheels. Not that there’s anything wrong with being the Tarheels.

I have to admit I’m a little bitter about the much hyped and applauded stadium that was built since my last year there. I was on the student council, and we were so badass. Seriously, though, we did a lot of good for that school, even though, in large part, the Chancellor foiled our plans at every turn. There were two big things we did. We tried to get “sexual orientation” into the non-discrimination policy (failed) and we tried to prevent that stadium from being built (obviously failed).

In fairness to UNCG, it has grown over the years, even before I got there, and they have some really great buildings, better dorms, great facilities. That all takes money, of course, and money comes from a development/foundation department. A lot of “development” comes from “corporate partners”. I know from my years of work at a non-profit institution, and from the current culture of non-profitacy, that in order to get a lot of money and really soup yourself up, you have to have a Campaign for Your Brand. So UNCG, like the place I work now even, became a “Brand”. It’s funny that both my alma mater (soul-mother) and my religious employer whose humanitarian work is for souls, have sold their souls in a sense. Not that UNCG isn’t a great university (or that the WCA doesn’t do great work for that matter), but the whole “rake in the coins” and thereby change what your student body is is kind of irritating.

Anyway, that magazine has a little section for “Grad Tidings” with updates on alumni people have submitted. I’m tempted to submit something about myself along the lines of “found cure for rare cancer" or "is the featured sword-swallower in the Barnum and Bailey Circus".


Today is Good Friday, also known as Dark Friday, depending on who you're asking. It's "Good" because it's the day the Lord died to save our sins. It's "Dark", because, well, he was viciously tortured to death on our behalf. Discuss.

My former roommate and permanent cousin, Lito, was here for a short visit to move the remainder of his things and catch up with some of his friends. I have space like a fucking frontier up in this piece. If I had a party on April 21, to celebrate Easter, Spring, the sign of Aries, and my birthday, would anyone come? Discuss. Also, how does one make a party a party? I wouldn't want some lame ass sit around type shit. I want people to be get a little rowdy as an apartment building will allow of course. Seriously, I want to have a little get together, about ten or fifteen people, but I generally find those boring. So how to keep it lively is the question. I guess it's all in the playlist.

And that's all that I have to give for the moment. The doorbell is ringing.

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