Monday, May 14, 2007

The House Next Door

This post about Cocodorm, the porn site whos constant scandals and goings-on are endlessly fascinating to me, makes the point that the alleged rate of HIV infection among the Cocoboys -- a staggering 46% -- is just about the same as the rate of HIV infection among all black gay men, and that therefore, it is not really any more dangerous to be in the Cocodorm doing your thing than it is to just be living your daily life. In other words, as a commenter there puts it, "These men put themselves at the same risk as anyone else having sex."

All that's neither here nor there, but the news story on the house, and the "expose" styling of it, is clearly sensationalism and demonization, complete with filming them through the windows and showing up at the front door "Shame on You" style. And it's amazing how the the WTVJ six o'clock news "discovered" that this is going on in such a lovely South Florida Neighborhood, what with the whole point of the thing being to broadcast it live on the internet for all the world to see.

A commenter on the WTVJ site writes, "It's amazing that such a horrible offensive thing was going on in this neighborhood. So visible and obvious that no one living in that neighborhood knew it was happening. How can this sort of thing happen in such a clean cut town as Miami, Florida. Next thing you know, there'll be bars, strip-joints, and politicians turning tricks for campaign contributions." Indeed.

By the way, the shocked-looking "guy from the front door" goes by the name "Breion", and is a personal favorite. :)

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taylorSiluwé ..... said...

Thanx for posting a link to my piece. And you're right, this is all about sensationlism. And, I might add, the denigration of the black gay man.

America always needs a whipping boy. For now, its our sexually liberated selves.