Saturday, May 05, 2007

If I had him I wouldn't let him out

My little party officially starts in, like, 55 minutes. Kevondrala and Jo Jo are on the way, as is J-Boogie, to help set up, etc. I think I have mostly everything done, I cleaned the hell out of this place, although I am concerned there might not be enough seating--but there is always the floor, WHAT? I do have to heat my crabcakes. I'm nervous so I of course turn to the blog. I just hope everyone is fun and talkative and drinky. I, in fact, have a little beer buzz going already. Yeah hi.

My little tradepiece with whom I'm infatuated might come, though he didn't call a bitch back for direction re-confirmation so who knows. Anyway this whole thing is going to be such a wierd mix of people from work, the stroll, the inner circle, the hood...I just think it will be so clumsy and fabulous!

My toilet has decided that today, on the day I'm going to have like 15 to 20 people in this piece, that you have to hold the handle to flush. I hope this is not indicitive of a larger problem.



K. said...

Have fun with the party! I think any party that is held in an apartment means people will be sitting on the floor no matter what. :)

bitchphd said...

So how was it?

Stroll said...

It was fabulous!