Thursday, May 17, 2007

Moulin Rouge is Lame

Today the We channel (Women's Entertainment) has been showing Moulin Rouge on a loop. This movie reminds me of Ricky because he really, really loved that movie and I could never figure that out for the life of me because it is pretty stupid. Moulin Rouge is like Napolean Dynamite in that people clutch the pearls and become angry with you when you tell them you could take it or leave it, but you'd rather leave it. I mean the Rouge is pretty to look at in parts, I guess, and the choreography is nice, I guess, but I find it unwatchable. I told him that I didn't really like it, and he says to me, in his typical flip-of-the-hand fashion, that you have to be "artistic" to appriciate it. Okay, what the fuck does that even mean? And this movie is so "artistic" that they couldn't even come up with an original score? Give me a break. Two thumbs down.

Speaking of brothels of sorts, regarding my previous post on the Cocodorm, I was contacted by the company -- Flavaworks -- and made a "complimentary screener" complete with free videos as they come out, free subscriptions to the magazines, and free access to the websites. Bascially more porn than you can shake a stick at. I of course accepted this, despite my interst in the scandals, controversies, and accusations of intimidation more than the actual porn.

In other news, Melinda Doolittle was kicked off American Idol, so, the show is dead to me. First the American Idol voters rip my heart out with offing Sanjaya, and now this.

Tomorrow: Operation Stroll Tries to Destroy Himself, My Part-Time From-Home Gig That is Vastly More Tedious and Time Consuming than I Had Anticipated, Delusional Parasitosis and Bed Bug Update, and The Bartender I Am In Love With.

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